Celia Loves

Our Story
You need to relax. Sound familiar? You know when you’re having a little tiff with your partner about the correct way to stack the dishwasher and they say “you need to relax” and it’s slightly patronising and makes you feel very un-relaxed? Well, that’s us – but much, much less patronising (and no dishwashers involved).
Celia Loves is all about relaxing. Seriously. Our whole product range is designed to help you chill to the max. We’re talking scented candles hand-poured in Melbourne, soulful salty soaks for unwinding in the tub, and bath and body products that smell amazing and make you feel even more amazing. It’s our mission to inject a bit of self-care (or self-indulgence) into your day. Because life is busy, and we all need to relax once in a while (your partner is, annoyingly, right).
Meet the founder
"Hello! I’m Stefi, a candle-obsessed former corporate dweller and founder of Celia Loves. When people ask how I started my business I always have to giggle, as I actually started it by accident back in 2015.
As a chronic candle burner, my urge to burn was getting a little bit expensive and I knew that paraffin wax isn’t great to inhale so I set about learning how to pour my own natural soy wax candles. After completely failing the first few times something  clicked and all of a sudden I was making more candles than I could burn. Naturally, I started gifting them to friends and family.
One of my friends gave it to me straight up and said ‘if you're going to make something from home at least make them look good’. And while I had no prior experience with branding, I’m a creative person who loves pattern, design, and colours so making my candles look as good as they smell was the perfect next step. The evolution of my branding has been the favourite part of my journey.
Over the past two and a half years my business has grown from being able melt just 600mls of wax at any time to 60kg of wax, various packaging designs, collaborations, and new fragrances. Plus, I’ve grown the range to include salty soaks and beautiful bath and body products.  
After having my second cherub and running my own business, I realised there is literally no downtime to relax. While the buzzword 'balance' is actually really important, it means different things to everyone. For me, I wanted to create a product that was beneficial and allowed people to slow down in their own way. Our soaks are dual-purpose – you can sit at the table and soak your feet while checking emails or have a long bath to unwind and have a mini-digital detox. Just 20 mins of soaking in epsom salts is incredibly beneficial, and a long bath is even better.
I hope that Celia Loves can help you achieve some of that elusive balance."